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What do our cardholders get?

ShapeMy Score is a leading credit repair service provider company. We provide a unique facility to our customers under which they can earn extra income by becoming authorized cardholders with us. here are some of the facilities which our cardholders get:

It helps in improving your credit score easily: An authorized cardholder can easily add a new tradeline to their credit report, which will help improve their credit score in less time.

You can earn extra income: As a cardholder, whenever you add an authorized user tradeline to your credit card, you can earn up to $75 to $350. This will increase your income source and give you a facility to earn extra income without investing any extra amount.

You can trade from anywhere: Our credit cards can easily be operated from a remote location. You can trade from any location using your credit card details. There are no location constraints, meaning users can be added from anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is to check the authenticity of the users.

Networking opportunities: Networking is very helpful in today’s world. Worth our card, you get numerous networking opportunities and partner with authorized users, which can be added as a tradeline to your credit report. This will help you enhance your credit score and quickly get a loan from the bank.

Unique identity: Being an authorized cardholder with a recognized tradeline company not only helps you build a good credit score but also helps you get a unique identification. Every cardholder has a unique CPN, differentiating them from the other clients associated with us.

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